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"As new members of the Cold Spring Boat Club we had no idea how much fun we had been missing at the annual Steak Bake. It's obvious why you're here year-after-year. We knew all your songs and danced all night. Thanks for a great time!"
John & Mary Franz, Entertainment Committee


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Past Members of the Big Kahuna Band

Here are some photos and recordings from past members of the Kahuna Family


Some audio blasts from the past
(All songs recorded at Electric Faith Studio and Elliott Glenn Studio)
Click To Watch Our Slide-Show!
Click to watch our slide-show
featuring former band members

Dale Hammond and Vito Speranza
Dale Hammond & Vito Speranza
Sax & Vocals         Trumpet  
Paul DalCero
Paul DalCero
Lead Guitar & Vocals
John Steffens
John Steffens
Keyboard & Vocals

Ron Harsch
Drums & Percussion
Paul Muffoletto
Paul Muffoletto
Drums & Percussion

Bill Fitchard
Keyboard, Guitar,
Background Vocals

Bob Reidel
Lead Vocals, Guitarist

George Ruiz
Drums, Vocals

Mike Antonelli

Clay Beard
Trumpet, Vocals

Frank Ricevuto
Drums, Vocals
Daniel Teare
Daniel Teare
Sax, Flute

Mike Stabile and Kim Nicholas

Mike Stabile

Sam Newsom and Mike Stabile

More past band members
Matt Milich — Sound, DJ
Kim Nicholas — Trumpet, Vocals

Going back even further...

Ultrasound (before they became Big Kahuna)
With Ed Just on guitar and Sean Reilly lead vocals.

Ed Just

From left to right: Craig, Susie and Ed at Bayview '03.

Casey, Bill, Craig, Frank, Susie and Ed at Bayview '03.

Susie, former lead singer.

Casey, Bill, Susie, Frank and Bob

Craig, former lead singer, guitarist

Dianne, former lead singer.

Bob, Frank, Kim (lead vocals and keyboards), Bill and Casey


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