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"I had so much trouble going around to all of the tables to greet the guests at our wedding because no one was ever in their seats! As promised, Big Kahuna had everyone up on the dance floor all night long. I would definitely recommend Big Kahuna for a super fun wedding!"
John & Jessica Fuller


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Meet the Big Kahuna Band

Bob Jones — Drums, Vocals
Casey O'Brien — Bass Guitar
Derrick James — Sax, Lead Vocals
Donna Murphy — Lead Vocals, Percussion
Doug McInvale — Lead Vocals
Eric Ordway — Trombone, Vocals, Lighting
Sal Decicco — Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ryan Bannon — Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Vito Speranza — Trumpet, Vocals

Past Members



Doug McInvale and Donna Murphy

Sal Decicco and Casey O'Brien


Doug McInvale and Sal Decicco

Donna Murphy


Ryan Bannon and Billy Paschall

Sal Decicco and Doug McInvale

Sal Decicco and Donna Murphy


Sal and Doug

Doug McInvale

Donna Murphy


Drummer Bob Jones

Sonya's Wedding


Derrick James

Derrick James

Vito Speranza

Eric Ordway


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