Q: What factors influence the cost for the band?
A: Date, time and place of the event are the main factors. During the busiest wedding months of the year, we are usually less flexible with regards to our pricing. Excessive special song requests, special dress requirements, travel distance to the event location, and ease or difficulty of loading in the equipment, i.e. two flights of stairs and no elevator or ramp, are also factors that influence the cost.
Q: I really want a live band, but I'm concerned about the pricing. I've heard it costs $2000.00 or more. What is your price?
A: Pricing varies depending on many factors. Typically our pricing varies from $3,500.00 to $5,500.00 on average. Obviously, all pricing is based on the specific details of the individual event, such as those mentioned above. But all things are negotiable; so don't be afraid to ask us if we'll accept your offer. We may be available and willing to work with you on the pricing.
Q: Why a band and not a DJ?
A: Musically speaking there is really no comparison between a live band and a DJ. An ipod or cd simply cannot match the aural immediacy and tonal quality of real instruments. Also a live band is more visually interesting to watch as they interact with themselves AND the audience. A band will involve the audience in the performance and the song can be stretched or shortened if needed. Involving the audience in the songs and making the songs unique to the party is something no DJ can really do.
Q: I really want a live band, but I'm concerned that it will be too loud. Can you play quietly enough so that guests can still hear themselves talk without having to shout?
A: Absolutely! If you want the music softer just tell us. The Big Kahuna band is comprised of professional musicians who are able to perform at the appropriate volume level for any type of event. If you want quiet background music for dinner, we can play quietly while you enjoy your meal. If you want the party to start from the moment you arrive, we can put it in full swing from the first note. We select our equipment that's most appropriate for each venue. We will work with you to determine what is best for YOUR event.
Q: I really like certain songs that are not on your list. Would you be willing to learn songs for us?
A: We would be more than happy to learn a few new songs for you. It can be for your first dance, father/daughter dance or just a special song that you want included during the reception. With our expert musicians, you'll be thrilled hearing our band playing your favorite songs. Just provide us with a copy of the song(s) on cd if available or if needed, simply give us the name of the song(s) and the artist and we will obtain the song(s) ourselves. We can also provide pre-recorded music through our sound system during our breaks if you wish.
Q: How do you dress for a performance?
A: Typically, for a formal event such as a wedding or a corporate party the band will wear black tuxedos and formal attire. If requested we can also wear a simpler jacket and tie or suit.
Q: Can you hold a date open for me?
A: The band's policy for bookings is that the first person to sign a contract and send a deposit gets the date. A contract ensures that there is no mis-communication between the band and our clients. It is for the protection of all parties concerned. While we do not put a "hold" on specific dates without a contract and deposit, we will be more than happy to call you and advise you if there are any serious inquires for that date. Book early!
Q: What is the process for booking the band?
A: First, we check availability for your date. If we are available, we discuss your event requirements and details such as the venue, time, special needs, etc, and we provide you with pricing. When pricing and details are agreed upon, a contract will be drafted and provided to you. Upon acceptance of the signed contract and receipt of funds as the deposit, the date is officially confirmed. Your date and time is then reserved. The balance is due the day of the event.
Q: Do we have to make arrangements to feed the band?
A: Providing the band with food and drink, although not a requirement, is customary. If the band is not to be offered food and drink, we must know in advance so we may make our own arrangements.
Q: Do we select the songs we want from the song list? Do we put the songs in order?
A: Most clients who hire us leave song selection and arrangement up to us. However you're more than welcome to get involved in the process. In either event it helps us to know a little something about the guests that will be attending so we have a better idea of how to tailor our repertoire.
Q: What information do you need from me in advance of the reception?
A: Here is some of the information we look for and will discuss in detail with you after your event is booked:
  1. Itinerary for the reception
  2. At what time will the guests arrive?
  3. Will there be a toast or blessing?
  4. Will the entire wedding party be introduced? If so, we will need the list of names in advance.
  5. Will there be a father/daughter dance? What song?
  6. Will there be a mother/son dance? What song?
  7. Will there be a Bouquet and Garter toss?
Q: How long does it take you to set-up and pack-up?
A: Much depends on the facility we will be performing in, but in general it takes about two hours to get everything set up and ready to go. The band generally arrives 2 - 3 hours prior to the contracted start time. Packing up is usually completed in less than an hour.
Q: What else do I need to know?
A: Since all events are typically one-of-a-kind, we will work with you individually on your event. Just give us a call to get started or to answer any additional questions.